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Over 3 years ago, I became sick and tired of being obese and carrying around 45 unwanted, extra pounds. In addition, I had lots of pain in my back and feet so I decided to seek change by trying something completely different.


Despite all my previous attempts to eat healthy and exercise regularly, the scale continued to creep upwards.  Lost in my “mommy fog” of putting my family and their needs before mine, I found myself with low self-confidence and feeling unworthy. I felt stuck and challenged, unable to see positive results.  I wanted to prevent future disease and be active with my kids and future grandkids.


Then, through consistently following a structure of healthy habits and proper nutrition, the excess pounds began melting away!

A structure of habits that easily fits into any kind of day between kids, home, school, activities, travel, etc.  I started out with simply wanting to fit into single digit sized clothing (size 8 from size 16 at the time) However, I soon discovered how many other things were beginning to change.  A change for the BETTER!  As I shrank physically, my confidence and self-love grew, my relationships with those around me strengthened and my energy increased. All my physical pain was gone! I could enjoy moving around freely and feeling light on my feet.

Like any other journey, there are ups and downs and I could not have done it alone.  I immersed myself in a positive like-minded community and constantly learned and continue learning as my lifelong ’health insurance’.


Just like laundry, the journey of health is never done.  


I truly believe that everyone has the right to be their best and I am blessed to be able to extend my helping hand to those seeking better health by walking alongside and teaming up with others.


I first started helping my family members and close friends and now have clients all over the country.  I am proud to be the health & lifestyle leader for the Southeast Asian community and others both locally in Portland, Oregon as well as across the country.


I am excited to explore the limitless possibilities for you or your loved ones.   I invite you to reach out to me by clicking on the "Let's Chat" below or click here to send me a message or call my phone.  Let's begin your journey to your better life!